What To Expect From Breast Fat Transfer

What to Expect from Breast Fat Transfer

In the first few weeks after the procedure, patients having breast fat transfer can expect:

  • Swelling and bruising in the area from which the fat was harvested.  This varies somewhat between patients and donor area.
  • Mild swelling and bruising in the breasts
  • Most patients require larger bra size.  It is recommended to buy only a limited number of bras since further size changes are common in the first 3-4 months
  • Some breast tenderness for weeks up to about 3 months
  • It is common to have small lumps come up during the early recovery period.  These are areas of localized swelling and typically disappear in 2-4 weeks.  Any lumps persisting longer than 4 weeks should be seen by the doctor

After 3-6 months when the changes are complete, patients having breast fat transfer can expect:

  • Fuller/larger breasts
  • Breast “lift”.  Less drooping than before the procedure
  • Most patients experience an increase in 1-2 bra cup sizes.  Common exceptions to this rule are:
    • Women with only a small amount of fat available for transfer
    • Women who desire mostly lift without an increase in size.  The fat is placed differently in these cases to add as much lift as possible while limiting volume increase.
    • Natural feel and look.  Most breast tissue is fat, so fat transfer appears and feels like normal tissue
    • Scarring is minimal.  Small puncture wounds can be visible below the breast and around the areola.  These are typically less than 1/8 inch in size.