Fat Processing

The fat is collected into a sterile container to keep it safe for reinjection. Inside a sterile container:

  1. The fat and fluid components are allowed to separate. The fat floats on top of the fluids components. Most of the fluid is the tumescent fluid that was used to anesthetize the area initially.

  2. On occasion, the fat centrifuged. Most studies show is not necessary on fat transfer to the buttocks, so this step is sometimes eliminated. (Centrifugation of the fat is recommended for fat transfer to the face)
  3. If centrifugation is done, any extra fluid present after centrifugation is drained.
  4. A small oil layer may be present outside of the fat cells. If present, this is also drained.
  5. We recommend adding Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP (see “PRP” below) during processing. PRP helps to enhance cell survival and improve final results.
  6. Finally, fat is placed in syringes for injection into the buttocks.