Effectiveness of Brazilian Lift

Current techniques of fat transfer have a transferred cell survival of 50-70%. Adding PRP raises that survival to an estimated 90-95%. Most experts believe that cells that survive the initial 3 months after fat transfer survive permanently. Brazilian has some advantages over buttock implants:

  • Brazilian Lift is done using your own tissue – there is no chance of a tissue reaction
  • Capsule formation which can be a common problem with implants, does not occur with fat transfer.
  • Fat transferred to the buttocks has no chance of leaking or deflating
  • After recovery, there is no sensation of sitting on a foreign object.

There are some areas where buttock implants have an advantage:

  • The fat has no shape of its own and is limited by the shape of the skin covering the buttocks. Implants have a shape of their own and can give a better esthetic look in some patients.
  • Implants can stretch the skin and give a better size and shape in some women with small buttocks or poorly shaped buttocks.