Breast Fat Transfer

What is Breast Fat Transfer?

Breast fat transfer is the process of removing fat from one area and moving or transferring it to the breast. The process goes like this:

1.The patient comes in for consultation to determine if this is a good procedure for her.
2.The amount of fat needed to be harvested to meet the patient’s goals is determined.
3. An area or areas with too much fat or an undesirable shape is chosen for liposuction.
4. Special techniques are used during liposuction for fat harvesting. These techniques include:

* Collecting (harvesting) the fat in special containers to keep it sterile and facilitate processing
* Using smaller instruments than with standard liposuction to help preserve the fat
* Occasionally lower power suction is used. This can help preserve the fat

5. After harvesting, the fat is processed and placed in syringes for reinjection.
6. Special techniques (see “How is the Fat Injected” below) are then used to place the fat into the breast tissue. These techniques enhance fat cell survival and the shape of the breast.