Brazilian Butt Lift

Many women and some men desire more curve or shape to their buttocks. Until recently, this was only available using implants. While the overwhelming majority of breast implant patients are happy with their results, this has not been true of buttock implants. Many patients do not like the scar or the shape of the buttock implants. In addition, the sensation of sitting on something foreign never goes away in many buttock implant patients. Now we have a great alternative; the ability to move your own fat from an area you don’t want it to your buttocks. Now we can get the shape we want and have only tiny scars, a normal feel to the area and sensation when sitting and minimal down time.

What is a Brazilian Lift?
Brazilian lift is the process of harvesting fat using liposuction from one area and moving or transferring it to the buttocks. The process goes like this:

1. We start with a consultation to determine if Brazilian Lift is a good procedure for her/him.
2. We determine the amount of fat that needs to be harvested to meet the patient’s goals on the buttocks.
3. We select an area or areas of fat available for the transfer. Although almost any fatty area can be used, the abdomen and especially the love handles are a desirable choice. Reducing the love handles often enhances the look of the buttocks.
4. We utilize special techniques during liposuction for fat harvesting. Including:

  • Harvesting the fat in special containers to maintain sterility and facilitate processing

  • Specialized instruments are used to help preserve the fat
  • On occasion lower suction is used to help preserve the fat

5. Following harvesting, the fat is separated from the fluids. At this point Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is added when it is used. The processed fat is then placed in syringes for reinjection.
6. Finally the fat is injected into the buttocks using special techniques to optimize cell survival. (See “Fat Injection” below). Special attention is also paid to get the buttock shape the patient desires.